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f147883759The racing world is filled with driving coaches. It seems that every person who has ever turned a lap in anger, or downloaded data from a racecar, labels himself/herself a coach. But when the brew has been distilled there are very few who truly deserve that title.

Dennis Macchio is among the few. He has been teaching and coaching performance driving and racing for almost 30 years.

His diverse background as a college professor, track owner and manager, track designer, team owner, racing school proprietor, and professional driver, has given him the kind of broad knowledge and communication skills that are truly unique among driving coaches.

While numerous track records and several championships are a testament to his own driving talent, Dennis’ real specialty lies in his ability to understand and relate to drivers of all ages and f124830543abilities.

His understanding of driver psychology, technique, vehicle dynamics, race craft and race strategy are unparalleled, and has been instrumental in making the Bertil Roos Racing School among the most respected in the world.

With Macchio Driver Coaching, Dennis will also be pulling from the knowledge of associate instructor John Twardzik.

John’s background as a mechanical engineer, one of Dennis’ Bertil Roos instructors, racing driver, knowledge of driving a diverse range of cars and understanding of setup and vehicle dynamics will be used to further advance Macchio Driver Coaching and offer a wider range of knowledge not readily available with most coaching options.

Driver coaching is Dennis’ way of escaping the day to day rigors of running the Bertil Roos School, and getting back to what he does best….. developing drivers